WES has been working in carpentry for over a decade. He studied theater at some school you haven’t heard of in Wisconsin. When he moved to Austin, he got a job as a scenic carpenter at the ZACH Theatre, where he met Corey. When he move on to other projects with Rooster Teeth and the independent film scene, he took Corey with him. As you can see, he’ll do anything for a job well done.

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phone: (262) 617-3812

COREY has been working in film since he moved to LA 10 years ago. When he got back to Texas, he found work in the ZACH theatre; first as overhire stage crew, then as a scenic carpenter. His new, tall and gangly friend, Wes, showed him a few tricks and eventually pulled him away from ZACH and back into the film world.

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phone: (281) 703-4272